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Listeners. Thinkers. Writers. Artists.

We’re a collective in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We have a passion for creating brands that matter. Have you ever experienced a great product but was turned off by its look and lack of a website? High five. We’re here to help businesses live up to their full potential.

As business owners and consumers ourselves, we’re in a unique position to bridge the gap between companies and audiences. How do we do that? Your story wrapped in a beautiful and functional design.

Dennis Lee – 02

Dennis Lee

Chief Designer

A jack of all trades, Dennis majored in creative multimedia and worked in various industries including design, sales and service.

After co-founding Malaysia’s most innovative salad bar, CHAI BAR, he’s coming full circle to design, bringing his varied experiences to the drawing board.

David Lee – 02

David Lee

Head Writer

David is a veteran journalist, who has spent nearly 40 years writing and editing content for newspapers, The Malay Mail and the Sun and magazines.

He was editor-in-chief of The Heat, a weekly news magazine whose bold editorials earned it a three-month suspension. He believes content is king, whatever the medium of delivery.

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